Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early: DO NOT BE LATE. No excuses.

Dress appropriately: Men should wear... navy blue or black, single breasted suit, white shirt with heavy starch, freshly shined conservative shoes, conservative tie and limited jewelry and cologne. Women should wear... conservative navy blue or black suit/skirt with white blouse and limited jewelry and perfume.

Make a strong first impression and establish chemistry. These are two of the most critical elements of every interview. Have a firm, confident hand shake. Smile. Maintain intense eye contact. Show constant enthusiasm for the job.

Ask for a business card at the beginning of the interview. You’ll use this to follow up with the interviewer immediately following the interview.

Be clear and concise. Do not ramble! Remember, you only have 5 seconds to convince a doctor to spend time with you. The interviewer will want to see that you can make an immediate impression. Never make a negative reference to any of your previous positions or employers.

CLOSE THE INTERVIEWER: When the interview is concluding, look the interviewer in the eye and ask: "After meeting with me and reviewing my background, do you have any reservations or concerns that would stop you from bringing me back for another interview?" Address any concerns and ask again. ASK FOR THE JOB: "Before I leave here today, I want you to know that I want this job."

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