Research the company and position that you are interviewing for. Visit the company's website. Read a copy of the annual report (typically listed on the website.) Get a feel for the company philosophy and approach to business.

Call a customer service representative to get product information. Try to contact a sales representative to solicit advice and relevant information. DO NOT contact a representative that might be getting replaced. Use extreme discretion.

Talk to a physician about the company and the products you would represent.

Prepare the following materials and information:

A "Brag Book" including your resume, sales number documentation, copies of awards, rankings, achievement certificates, copy of college diploma, training certificates, and any other accolades that will make you stand out. Use a professional binder with printed tabs.

Be prepared to share a list of three reasons why XYZ company should hire you.

Be prepared to share a list of three reasons why you want to work for XYZ company.

Be prepared to answer the question: "Why do you want to get into medical/ pharmaceutical sales?"

Be prepared to spontaneously "sell" something to the interviewer.

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