Tom Ruff Executive Search and Diversity

Tom Ruff Executive Search is committed to sustaining and expanding a culture of Diversity in everything we do. We recognize that our visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical appearance, plus other underlying characteristics including thinking styles, sexual orientation, religious or national identity, and education are what make our client companies’ work environments better prepared to meet the needs of the changing global marketplace. We need to recruit the best people so that our hiring partners can provide them with equal opportunities to develop and apply their skills.

Equal opportunities begin by recognizing diversity as an opportunity. Managing this diversity is a core responsibility for all our recruiters and there are many tools available to help. These include workshops on diversity recruiting, staff meetings, teambuilding exercises, initiatives that are aimed at increasing the representation of women and ethnic minorities in the pharmaceutical and medical sales workforce.

From specific initiatives that raise awareness of diversity to training and coaching on diversity issues in the workplace, Tom Ruff Executive Search is committed to creating a workplace that replaces barriers with opportunities where our differences are respected and valued.

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